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Ecolife™ (Non-metallic, Full Protection)

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Sunbelt’s Ecolife™ treated wood is protected with a revolutionary, non-metallic preservative plus wood stabilizer system, offering the natural beauty of real wood combined with advancements in weathering protection, fastener performance, and environmental attributes.

Product Features

  • Protected with a revolutionary, non-metallic preservative plus wood stabilizer system
  • Provides improved weathering performance
  • Provides improved fastener performance similar to untreated wood
  • Can be used in direct contact with Aluminum
  • Provides long term protection against decay and termites
  • Can be used in environmentally sensitive settings
  • Easily painted or stained
  • Quality assured through third party inspection
  • Backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty

Advanced Preservative Plus Wood Stabilizer Protection

  • Advanced wood stabilizing polymer provides weathering protection to reduce cracking, warping and splitting
  • Long term protection from decay and termites in above ground applications

Painting and Staining or Natural Weathering

  • Ecolife™’s natural wood appearance offers consumers the natural beauty of real wood.
  • Left uncoated, Ecolife™ will weather to gray following long-term exposure to the elements.
  • Ecolife™ can be painted or stained to match any outdoor color scheme.
  • High-quality oil and latex based paints and stains are recommended.
  • It is important that the wood is dry and free from surface deposits prior to applying any coating.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions and product labels for proper use of any stain, paint or wood finish.

Fasteners and Metal Fittings

  • Ecolife™’s advanced preservative plus stabilizer system provides improved fastener performance and is no more corrosive to fasteners and metal fittings than untreated wood.
  • Ecolife™ can be used in direct contact with aluminum building products.
  • Use of fasteners and contact with aluminum products is recommended in compliance with applicable building codes and fastener manufacturers recommendations.


  • Ecolife™ can be used for any interior or exterior above ground application where protection from decay and termite attack is required.

Wood Deck EcoLife

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