The Southeast Leader in Pressure Treatment

Sunbelt Forest Products is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pressure treated lumber headquartered in Bartow, FL and locations throughout the Southeast. We specialize in providing products that hold up to the harsh tropical climates of the Southeastern United States and the Caribbean. We are committed to creating value for consumers and conserving forests by extending the life of wood and wood products.

Our treated lumber products include fencing, decking, lumber, plywood and many specialty products. Our treatment options include Borate, Ecolife and the newest generation of preservative Copper Azole (CA)and CA with water repellent. Borate provides permanent protection against termites, decay fungi and wood destroying insects in dry interior applications. Ecolife is a non-metallic preservative offering weather protection and environmental attributes. The CA line of products provides protection from rot, decay and termites in exterior applications with an added option for water repellent.