Landscape Timbers

Pressure Treated Landscape Timber 

Commonly used for raised garden beds and steps, landscape paths, or planter boxes, our Pressure Treated Landscape Timbers are available in many sizes for various applications. Our landscape timbers are treated to refusal and are commonly used for decorative purposes. It is not recommended to use our peeler cores for structural applications or fence posts.

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Our Treatment Options

Our PT lumber products include Ecolife®, Borate, Copper Azole (CA), CA with water repellent, and MicroPro® MCA. Borate provides permanent protection against termites, decay, fungi, and wood-destroying insects in dry interior applications. Ecolife® is a non-metallic preservative offering weather protection and environmental attributes. The CA line of products protects from rot, decay, and termites in exterior applications with an added option for water repellency. MicroPro® MCA pressure treated wood is treated with micronized copper azole preservatives, which help protect against termite damage and fungal decay.
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Landscape Timber FAQs

Untreated lumber isn’t rot-resistant, but it’s a good option for edibles. If the wood isn’t rot-resistant, staple heavy-duty plastic along the inside walls before adding the soil.

Landscape timbers are made from plywood peeler cores. This is the core of the tree after peeling veneers off on a lathe. These are pure heartwood or the densest part of the tree. They are refused, meaning that the chemical is pressure treated into them as much as it can be. Although they will last much longer than untreated timbers, they do not carry a warranty against rot. These are for landscaping only and are not approved for building or fencing. They will eventually start to rot, though some pieces will last longer than others.

PT wood is resistant to termites but not termite-proof.

The key to preventing the warping of wood is to prevent water from being absorbed by the wood fibers. When properly applied, sealant or paint can provide a barrier to prevent liquid absorption.

Our Most Popular Wood Products

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Pressure treated wood pickets come in various sizes and designs, so you can find the perfect picket for your needs.

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