Export Capabilities

Sunbelt Forest Products has been in the export business for more than 25 years. We began developing the Caribbean market in the mid 1980s and service home centers and lumber yards in countries throughout the eastern Caribbean with our extensive line of lumber and building materials.

Strategically located in central Florida, we have easy access to all Florida ports. Because we ship out of all Florida ports on a regular basis, there’s virtually no limitation to where we can service. With our years of export experience, ideal location, and strong relationships with port & carrier personnel, you can trust that your order will arrive in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

treated wood export map

Working with Sunbelt:

Let Sunbelt Forest Products make it easy.  We’ve negotiated favorable rate contracts with several different ocean carriers and offer very competitive CIF rates throughout the Caribbean.

  • We take care of filing your export declaration forms (SEDs) in-house, a service that is included free of charge with your order.
  • We ship our product on 20-foot flat racks. Due to our long-standing relationships with our carriers, we are able to maximize rack space, getting a full truck load of product shipped to you on each rack.
  • We create and provide a hard copy of the loading plan for each flat rack to the shipper to ensure your products are loaded correctly.

It is our goal to get your treated wood products landed to you on time at the lowest possible landed cost. Please contact us for more information.