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Wood Preservative Treatments for Lumber

Sunbelt Forest Products Corp. is a wood treatment plant. Our lumber treated products include Borate, Ecolife, and the newest generation of preservative Preserve Copper Azole (CA) and Preserve-Plus (CA) with water repellent. Borate provides permanent protection against termites, decay, fungi, and wood-destroying insects in dry interior applications. Ecolife is a non-metallic preservative offering weather protection and environmental attributes. The (CA) line of products provides protection from rot, decay, and termites in exterior applications with an added option for water repellency.

Our Wood Treatment Process

In the pressure-treatment process, untreated lumber is loaded into a horizontal vacuum-pressure cylinder. After the cylinder door is sealed, a vacuum cycle removes air from the cylinder. A liquid preservative solution is then pumped in and the pressure in the cylinder is raised, forcing the preservative into the wood. At the end of the process, the excess treatment solution is pumped back to a storage tank for reuse and a final vacuum cycle dries the surface of the wood.

Each treatment cycle is carefully monitored to ensure proper treatment and product quality. Because chemical are driven under pressure deep into the wood, the protection goes far beyond the surface. It goes right to the heart of the wood, providing protection that is locked in and long lasting.

Exterior Wood Preservative

sunbelt lumber treatment process
Ecolife Stabilized Weather-Resistant Wood
Preserve CA
Timber Saver
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