Sunbelt Forest Products Announces New Colored Product Line

Sunbelt Forest Products announced today the introduction of a new line of pre-colored pressure-treated decking with Ecolife stabilizing wood preservative. A colorant system added during the pressure-treatment process gives the real wood decking a rich brown color. This 5/4″ x 6″ premium grade, radius-edged pine decking is available in a variety of lengths, offering customers a new, lower-cost alternative to composite decking.

“We know consumers love real wood, but some folks shy away from it because of concerns about weathering and maintenance,” said Don Hayes, General Sales Manager at Sunbelt Forest Products. “This new colored line protected with Ecolife gives our customers another choice in decking materials so that they can enjoy the beauty of real wood at a lower price than composite products. Our new line of brown-colored decking will save customers time and money on their outdoor projects. Simply install and you’re done. No time-consuming staining or painting needed.”

Pressure treated with Ecolife, a non-metallic wood preservative and wood stabilizer, the decking offers the natural beauty of real wood combined with advancements in weathering protection to reduce cracking, warping and splitting. “Unlike other colors or stains that are applied after a project is constructed, this new technique mixes the colorant with the preservative during the treating process, allowing it to penetrate deep into the wood – going beyond just the surface,” said Hayes. “The result is a finished product with advanced protection, structural integrity, and long-lasting, consistent color.”

Always at the forefront of emerging treatment techniques, Sunbelt is constantly innovating in order to provide value to its customers. The new colored decking is available now, with colored fence pickets, fence panels, and landscape timbers to be added to the line in early July.

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