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BARamine® (Micronized Copper Azole)

House extension BARamine®treated woodWolman® E copper azole with BARamine® technology is a high-powered preservative blend that takes the traditional protection of copper azole and moves it steps ahead of other residential formulations. This cutting-edge combination exceeds the requirements of industry-approved products by providing increased penetration into the wood while offering additional protection against copper-tolerant fungi and mold. BARamine® technology is a patented innovation. This combination of copper azole with BARamine® makes Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood ideal for decks, retaining walls, fences, picnic tables, planter boxes, walkways, sill plate, and structural members. At appropriate retention levels, it can be used for above ground, ground contact, and freshwater immersion applications.

BARamine® Technology Benefits

  • Improved penetration
  • Broad moldicide protection
  • Improved resistance to certain aggressive copper-tolerant fungi
  • More consistent preservative distribution
  • More effective copper azole system
  • Patented technology
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